European Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

I know I’m not the only parent that has trouble with European clothing sizes for babies and kids. And I don’t imagine it’s just the foreigners here – Belgians must find this complicated, too. Not only do babies change clothing sizes every few months, and sorting is already a nightmare, but the numbers mean nothing to me! (A size 68 equals 6 months, 80 is 1 year old, etc.) I thought it would get easier as my 4-year old only changes sizes once or twice a year, but my brain still does not process the difference between sizes 104, 110, 116 and 122. (Those are sizes 4, 5, 6 & 7).

So I had pinned a handwritten cheat sheet in my daughter’s armoire several years ago, but I’ve had the intention (for 4 years) to make a pretty version as a gift for friends that have new babies.

Four years  later, as I’m learning new design software, I’m so proud to have made this myself! 🙂 Thought I’d share it since I know it could be helpful for you.

IMG_4992So, how to read this chart: on the left is the child’s age (and US size equivalent). On the right is the ‘European’ size, which is a reference to the child’s height in centimeters.

Also, as I understand, size 68 (6 months) is usually worn starting at 3 or 4 months, and when your baby reaches 6 months, they start wearing a size 72 (9 months) and so on. That is, the number is like a maximum size. Your kids wear size 2 until they turn 2. Then they wear size 3 from age 2-3. Of course, the size your child wears depends on his/her relative size, these are just guidelines. My girls easily wear a size one or two years older than their actual age.

If you’re curious, I made the chart design by taking a picture of one of my girls’ dresses. As if to prove how little girls don’t have the same taste as their mother, neither of my girls would wear this dress (yes, they started choosing and refusing clothes as soon as they turned 2). I decided to make use of it as I could (the background to the chart!) before giving it away.

Here’s a more unisex version.


and another design I like:IMG_4890

Just baby sizes:


or after baby sizes:


I got a little carried away! 🙂

I’d love some feedback if this is helpful or if you could imagine some improvements!


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