Daring and Sharing, this is why I’m blogging

I used to judge bloggers in my head. I don’t think it was an idea I had on my own. I must have read something 15 years ago about our generation that blindly exposes our navel-gazing selves and thought we blog egocentrically. Yet, I’ve devoured bloggers stories and recipes and ideas for just as long and I don’t recall judging anyone specifically (except for the commenters). I love and have been greatly influenced by Colin Beaven’s No Impact Man, Heidi’s 101 Cookbooks, random food blogs, random mom blogs, homesteaders and I almost forgot Raffa. But me, blog?! Why?

Well, for me. This is an exercise in daring. Daring to overcome that inner voice that says I’m not good enough, that no one would care to read what I have to say, that I don’t write well enough, etc. Daring to be vulnerable. If you haven’t already, please watch Brene Brown’s TED Talk that was a major inspiration to dare to be vulnerable.

And, I’ve got stuff I want to share. That’s to come, but I imagine my posts will reflect some of these themes in my life: American (Louisiana-Texan) living in Europe (French-speaking Belgium), so… cultural comparisons, bi-cultural relationships, French-English language fun, eco-living and eco-cooking and eating (that’s my thing), raising bilingual kids, attempts at whole-hearted parenting and living (yay Brene again), and more, who knows.

Here we go!


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